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Mr. Bell (Part II)

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Mr. Bell (Part II)

Published 1947

Dramatization of the invention of the telephone.

Run time 16:32
Producer RKO-Pathe, Inc.
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Shows Alexander Graham Bell working with his deaf pupils and experimenting with the telephone and the wax cylinder record for the phonograph. His wide interests, which included aeronautics and the National Geographic Society, are also described.

"In the hundredth year since the birth of Alexander Graham Bell and the seventy-first since the invention of the telephone the Bell System presents"
"The story of his bequest to all (?) history without an ending"

This dramatic reenactment of Mr. Bell's daily life during the days of his historical invention of the telephone portrays him as a highly respected, hard-working and charitable character. He is a leader in his community, speaking out against injustices being caused to the deaf and frequently speaking out prophetically about the telephone:
"And then I see its lines and poles marching thousands of miles, connecting the head office of every city in the land to the head office of every other city. And then I see perhaps, in the next century, the tiniest, farthest, hamlet, woven into the wire fabric, doctors summoned, disasters met and overcome."

Close-up of newspapers, stacked on a table
Man sitting down at a grand piano with a candelabra on top of it, dramatically playing the piano and singing, a young woman in fancy gown, clutching flowers, watches admiringly
Man lecturing, pointing to a large model of an ear
Man lecturing in front of an outline of the human head, with nasal and vocal cavities
Man excitedly enters a room to speak to the other man, the two men laugh, shake hands and one man pats the other's shoulder
Double exposures of rippling water, a silhouette of a telephone-like apparatus, circular camera pans of early telephones
Close-up of a circuit board
Close-up of a telephone pole
Telephone wires
Two men standing around a small museum display of a biplane
A man with white hair and a full white beard and mustache speaking in front of an assembly of men in suits
The man lecturing dramatically with papers in one hand, gesticulating with the other
Close-up of the face of the lecturer
Shot of the rear of the assembly, the men in suits stand, applauding
Three men sitting in front stacks of machinery
Radar and sonar satellites, spinning on rooftops
A machine with symbols scrolling across, a woman standing in front of a microphone -- a machine that turns spoken words into symbols for the deaf to read
Stacks of telephone company circuitry
A man climbing down a telephone pole
Women sitting in a line at a busy circuit board
Close-up of circuits being connected
Three-quarter profile shot of a heroic man in dramatic lighting

Telephones Communication Infrastructure


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavorite - December 13, 2004
Subject: His name rings a bell!
A so-so doc about the famous Mr. Bell. I say so-so, as it has some excellent points, such as the fascinating history (I never knew that AGB was so involved with Deaf people, the costuming and the layout) Wihile it has some bad points such as the stupid dialogue (especially at the beginning, it's handling of deaf people and the very unneccesary speaking from back-from-the-dead conclusion. Normally history films like this bore me out completely, but this wasn't bad, it's just the ending couldve been done away with.
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